Long before deciding to study law, I was sure that my profession had to be linked to the international area, especially Germany, which I was really curious about. Because of this, I started studying German before I started to go to the University. In the year 2000 I was able to complete an Erasmus at the Viadrina University of Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany, a university that focuses on training their students internationally. My stay gave me the opportunity to live and study in Germany, to get to know its culture and its people much better in an international university environment. After coming back to Barcelona I felt that one part of me would always be connected closely to Germany. This experience had marked me and some of my bests friends are Germans and practically my entire professional career was linked to Germany.

With the years passing my affinity to the Germans has even increased and especially to their way of working and their understanding of work. On top, I could establish close relationships with other professionals of the German speaking world, with who I am regularly in contact.

The permanent contact with Germany in the exercise of my work has given me a versatile vision of law, which allows me to understand the necessities of our clients much better and to assess them adequately.

Esther Rojo