Insolvency Proceedings

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The best legal advise in insolvency and restructuring proceedings

Our firm provides legal advise to all parties involved in insolvency proceedings, covering the different situations arising thereby, such as, inter alia, group restructuring proceedings, debt refinancing, defence of creditors rights, advise on directors´ liability and, generally, counselling on bankruptcy proceedings.

Our services

Our involvement in this field covers from the appointment as insolvency administrators to the legal representation of the insolvent, offering a variety of services that include the following pre and post insolvency aspects:

01. Debt refinancing or restructuring procedures

Our advice prevents the insolvency stage, and thus, preserves the business continuity of the company under financial difficulties not representing and imminent insolvency heading to bankruptcy.

02. Advise during the pre and post bankruptcy stages

Legal, financial, accounting and consultancy advice. Preparation and filing of petitions for voluntary reorganization. Petition for mediation in insolvency cases. Management and negotiation of the out of court payment proposal.

03. Insolvency administration

Management of all the insolvency procedure, either in the restructuring and continuity context or in the liquidation context. We provide legal services to other insolvency administrators assigned to the liquidation and sale of the bankruptcy assets.

04. Protection of creditors rights

Preparation of the arrangement with the creditors. Objection and recognition of credits. Legal representation in the insolvency classification stage and in the directors´ liability claims.

05.Advice on the acquisition of productive units

Legal, accounting and tax advice to those interested in such transactions and follow up until completion.

06. International insolvency law

Recognition and enforcement of court decisions issued in foreign insolvency proceedings and enforcement of foreign credits and guarantees in Spanish insolvency proceedings.


Our experience

We have a broad proven experience in insolvency comparative law. The firm represents many foreign insolvency administrators with a varied nature of interests in Spain, mainly in Europe. In this type of work, German and English are the prevailing languages, although Central America is having an increasing role in this kind of matters.

Similarly, the firm represents numerous foreign creditors involved in insolvency proceedings throughout Spain, and has proven expertise in this filed.

Our team

International connections

Some of our professionals are members of INSOL (European association of insolvency law), AEDIN (Spanish Association of Insolvency) Law and the Balearic Insolvency Association. We have been attending for over a decade to all congresses organized by VID (Verband Insolvenzverwalter Deutschlands), the German insolvency association and, more recently, to those organised by the British association R3 (Association of Business Recovery Professionals).

Xavier Pareja Advocats is also a founder member of the GRIP (Group of Restructuring and Insolvency Professionals), a platform of professionals from the insolvency world that gathers experts form each European jurisdiction.