International Lawsuits & Arbitration

We provide alternative solutions to possible controversies

We focus on preventive advice

Our target is to prevent our clients from any kind of proceeding or contingency and, in circumstances whereby there is a likelihood of a possible controversy, they come to us and obtain advice about the different possibilities. Therefore, in those cases where a potential conflict or the spread of a damage is foreseeable, we can offer alternatives to minimise or avoid it and, thus, ensure the best protection to our clients´ interests.

We ensure fast and effective responses to controversies

Representation and defence in court and in arbitration

Sometimes, controversies are unavoidable and unpredictable, being often necessary a fast and effective response. In this respect we always try to provide and out of court solution to the dispute, as an option of going to court, reducing, therefore, costs and time of the claim. However, when court proceedings have already started or when an out of court solution is not possible, we offer a representation and defence service before the courts or the competent arbitration forums, including those situated abroad.

Broad experience in national and international litigation and arbitration

In this regard, we have a broad experience in arbitration and in court proceedings, both in civil and commercial jurisdictions, with respect to any kind of procedure and instance. Also, we represent and defend companies and individuals in the criminal courts, specially in those economic matters which are related to our other areas of practice (civil, commercial and insolvency).