A mexican in Barcelona

It has been twenty years since I first arrived to Barcelona to finish my postgraduate studies. I was surprised with the dynamic and innovation of the city, the consistency of its inhabitants and the sophistication and cosmopolitanism of its ambience.

Being of Catalan descent, Catalan-speaking und having had, already at my arrival, friends and family in Barcelona, I could live in Barcelona in an intensive way. I got familiar with its streets and its local people so that rather than me getting to know the city, the city got to know me.

It has been a few months, after working as a professor and lawyer in Mexico for two decades, since I returned to Barcelona and I was surprised of the dynamic of the city, the consistency of its inhabitants and the sophistication and cosmopolitanism of its ambience again.

How is it possible, that I was surprised again by what has surprised me before and what I did not only await but long for? It is simply as that, because its virtues had exploded in all its intensity. That is, if twenty years ago one out of ten people from Barcelona were born outside of Europe, now it is every third person, where there had been depressing areas, not there is an informatics cluster working at the speed of light, the Barça won the championships every now and then is now winning in a heap and the commercial conventions have grown in great dimensions. Overall the city reinvented itself to win.

Like someone finding again an old friend, living again in this comital city has made me in every day I am walking in its streets having to say goodbye of its old notion and to embrace the new pleasure, as this is how constant modernization of the city in eternal Modernism works. This day I am contemplating Barcelona and it impresses me greatly how much it progressed, and in light of its characteristic traits I become aware that it is the same, but better.

From Barcelona I would like to offer my services to all the companies, private persons and colleagues from Mexico. Based on my knowledge of the two countries and the two legal systems, I extend this offer to all our clients of Latin America. Likewise we are in the condition to offer specific services to mitigate the commercial risk of Latin American companies in their operations in Spain.

Arnau Muriá