I am very fond of France, and that is because my history with this country goes back many years. My mother studied and lived many years before I was born in Paris, and even I accompanied her during my early years. For this reason, I consider France and specifically Paris as my second home.

I have had a francophone education, studying and learning the language from the first years of schooling. Also, as I have a French family, I have always grown up in contact with the French culture with which I share many aspects of my life.

During my law studies at university I became very interested in international law and thought of developing my practice in France.

In 2012 I obtained a Leonardo Scholarship from the Lifelong Learning Program of the European Union to work in Paris in 2012. During my stay in Paris I felt at home and I verified that I shared affinities, tastes and ways of doing things with the Parisians. I fit in very well with my colleagues, with whom I still have a close relationship today as good friends. In addition, this experience allowed me to develop my knowledge of international law and, in particular, to learn first-hand how French law works.

The affinities that I share with the French culture, my knowledge of the way of working in this country and its language, have allowed me to specialize in advising French clients.

I maintain close ties with several professionals that I had the opportunity to meet during my stay in Paris and with whom I collaborate on a regular basis. In addition, I collaborate with the University of Toulouse as a tutor hosting French interns.

Eva Sagristà