La transcendencia contractual del cambio de circunstancias en el derecho español [SPANISH]

Resumen El rebus sic stantibus es el principio jurídico general que establece que las circunstancias en las cuales se adquiere una obligación, y que son determinantes para las expectativas sobre el desarrollo futuro de su cumplimiento, han de permanecer inalteradas para que ésta continúe siendo exigible. Así, rebus sic stantibus significa “estando así las cosas” […]

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A mexican in Barcelona

It has been twenty years since I first arrived to Barcelona to finish my postgraduate studies. I was surprised with the dynamic and innovation of the city, the consistency of its inhabitants and the sophistication and cosmopolitanism of its ambience. Being of Catalan descent, Catalan-speaking und having had, already at my arrival, friends and family […]

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Meeting of GRIP members – Global Restructuring and Insolvency Professionals

On Sunday and Monday, 2nd and 3rd of June 2019, in the city of London, United Kingdom, the member offices of the GRIP, Global Restructuring and Insolvency Professionals, got together; the most select network of offices specialized in commercial insolvencies and cross boarder insolvencies. This network unites a fine group of practitioners in the field […]

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Long before deciding to study law, I was sure that my profession had to be linked to the international area, especially Germany, which I was really curious about. Because of this, I started studying German before I started to go to the University. In the year 2000 I was able to complete an Erasmus at […]

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My experiences in Costa Rica

I arrived to Costa Rica for the first time in October 2014. Indeed, it is true that I went very, very well prepared. The country still surprised me more than I had expected. Ever since, I returned 15 times for work. Costa Rica disposes of a stable democracy and it is the country with the […]

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